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The Finishing School

Your training is top notch. Good interaction with the kids. You memorized names right away and made a connection with each one. The content was specific and exact. Progressions were timely and not too much was presented at once. If you did this on a regular basis there could be less explanation and more directed action. The kids I talked to really liked it and would like for you to come back. Thanks for coming up and I will be in touch.

Wes, Susquehanna Futsal League

European Tour Program

I think your enthusiasm and obvious love for the experience is really attractive. Your organization of free time, soccer obligations and “sightseeing” trips had a great flow. Your team meals were nice group bonding times. Smiling, just recalling those days... I thought you did a pretty good job of gently but firmly dictating the plans so things didn’t devolve into a free for all. Yet, there was nice downtime for those who just needed to chill.

I guess I was so fixated on the soccer experience for my son that I really didn’t anticipate what a transformative experience it would be for me. Lifelong friendships, broadened perspective, new sights sounds and smells, the cultural wonder, all through the commonality of being human on this earth and digging futbol...

It was awesome in so many ways I didn’t even anticipate. A highlight in our lives.

All in all John, I gotta give you a well deserved A .

Private Training

Nate said he really enjoyed working with you. He liked the little tests that you gave him. He has a better understanding of a lot of things; and has a better idea of what he personally can work on. He would like to work with you again if the opportunity ever arises. He is always looking to improve. As for us, "the parents", we are always thrilled when our son comes away from a training session knowing the 'whys.' YPT training always answers those whys. Why should I move this way verses that; why and when should I receive the ball with this: foot, thigh, chest. Too many coaches plow through these skills and simply say, "do this." Knowledge is power- and YPT knows how to convey that knowledge to any level player in order to make them a better, smarter player all around.

Melissa, mother of Nate
European Tour Program

I am thankful that Brian was in good company, was watched over and had a wonderful time. It is a trip he will remember for a life time. He talks all about how much fun it was and how great the guys were. Thanks again to all who kept an eye out for the group. Best of luck to all the boys and Brian talks about maybe a next trip! A reunion of sorts!

Lauren, Mother of Brian
I was starting to look for training options and found in several reviews that your institution was one of the best.

The Finishing School

Thank you very much for adding the Maryland area to your training schedule. I had 2 sons that participated in your sessions last week. They both agree with you that they wish the sessions were longer. They enjoyed the level and pace of training. We are very interested in having all 3 of our sons attend any upcoming trainings YPT may have this year.

The Finishing School

Lemar enjoyed the sessions a lot. He told me that he learned new drills from the different academies and was happy with your coaching style. He also said he had a lot of fun. We also believe that the European style will offer the kids a better future in soccer.

The Residence Program

We don't even see anything like this in Europe.

Phil Brogan
Manchester United Academy trainer

The Residence Program

I want to thank you and your wonderful staff at YPT(Mick. Ronnie, Phillip). I really think that the reason for Joseph's success on the National Team and in Europe is because of the good training habits he has been exposed to at YPT. We are in Germany right now, and it is amazing the kind of influence Ronnie has at Bayern. Joseph played his first game the with the U-17's. They won 4-2 and Joseph played well and scored. They told us that he needs to work on his heading and service from the wings, but they like him. Thank you again John.

European Tour Program

Our family cannot thank everyone enough for such a wonderful experience. From you as the coach, to the young men on the team and their families we met, to Sylvia and Romano. All of you have made a lasting impression on all four of us and made it a very enjoyable memorable experience! John, once again, thank you for the opportunity for James to play with you and the team! This was an experience we will treasure forever! We hope to see you in the near future for more soccer fun!

Colleen, mother of James
Team Training Program

Thanks for making the trip to Ohio this week. I really appreciated your passion and commitment. The session with the girls on Saturday evening was great. I learned a lot and will definitely incorporate some changes to our training. Let me know your plans for next summer or whenever you are back in the area.

Scott, club coach, Columbus, Ohio
Academy Sessions Program

I wanted to email you personally in order to say thank you for having me at this past Sunday's training session. I learned a lot and truly enjoyed the intensity of the entire session. I'm unable to make it to this weekend's sessions due to a vacation, but I'd love to come to any future sessions that are held.

AJ, u17
European Tour Program

Having a great time - you brought together a very nice group of people, both talented players and nice young men and their parents.

Hope, mother of Evan
First Team Team Training

Diego, a Colombian who is 21, and has been living with me, would be happy to train with you. The players have sung your praises.

The Residence Program

You had a Canadian player who came to your YPTUSA camp , he was from the '98 boys. I thought that I would tell you he got a soccer scholarship and goes to Walsh University in Ohio, playing for the Walsh Caviliers and studying business. I wish to thank-you for helping him get there even though it was 6 years ago.

Academy Sessions Porgam

Ryan totally enjoyed the training session - to quote him: "that guy is as good as Phil (Manchester United academy trainer)!" We would be willing to join any and all future sessions in the Williamsport area. Thanks!

The Finishing School

I asked the boys what they thought about the course and they restated that they very much enjoyed the sessions and especially liked the nuanced tips you were able to provide to them. Such as taking a touch with the outside of your foot to increase your separation from the defender.

Alex, father of Ander and Mateo
The Residence Program

From all that I can gather, YPTusa appears to be THE best camp in the USA. I'm a U15 player on a team that competes at a mostly regional level (we participated in Region 1 Premier League). Parents and players alike have told me that this camp employs European trainers from the most prestigious clubs and the competition is second-to-none. I haven't heard anything about the facilities, which are in Middletown, DE, but two players on my team who attended the camp in 2007 told me that the quality of training and players at YPT is miles ahead of any other camp they've been to. forums
Team Training Program

Yesterday was awesome! I could tell the team really enjoyed having someone with your experience and knowledge there. It's always good to have a fresh voice once in a while as well. I would love to have you
back as much as possible.

Mike, Cardinal O'Hara HS,
Head Coach

The Residence Program

My kid attended 2 summers ago. Surprisingly, the camp was as advertised.
(I am always surprised when somebody delivers on their marketing promises!) -

1) Real coaches from real European teams. Not some guy with an accent. More like, the U13 coach from Real Madrid, the U15 coach at Bayern, etc.

2) Excellent training sessions (which follows from #1). Two 2 hour sessions daily, pretty much all technical work. A game in the evening.

3) Very good players (YPT really does weed through the applications).

I recommend it highly if your kid is a good player and a soccer junkie. In terms of a kid being discovered.....last year, I think that they were mildly interested in a '92 from Maryland who appears to be on track to be a U.S. national pool player.

Academy Sessions Program

I value all that you taught him. Not just skills, but perseverance, work ethic, patience, etc etc that will be lessons he can use forever. Thank you so much!!! It was money and time well spent and grateful for all your help!

Lori, mother of Dylan
The Finishing School

We just wanted to say thank you again for the superb finishing school! Nate had a
good time, learned a lot, and has more focus on the things he can work on and improve on. It's nice too see him mentally challenged/focused and trying new things which are out of his comfort zone. Your explanations were spot on and Nate really responded to your teaching. Please let us know when you are training in or around our area, we would leap at the chance to train with you again.

The Finishing School

Taylor thought the training was one of the best he has ever experienced. Thanks again. We look forward to attending more sessions in the future.

Team Training Program

FYI, I told garretts 's coach that if she ever needs a trainer when she goes to Penn Legacy she needs to get your info because you are definitely one of the best trainers I've ever seen! Dave & I are away for tonight's session but Garrett will be glad to see you!

The Finishing School

It was great seeing you. The boys have been talking about their training to me and it was a great experience for them. Thanks again for the training these past two days and we will see you when you open up some trainings in Lancaster.

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