At the official unveiling of the three signings for the new season, United boss Sir Alex Ferguson stressed the importance of developing young talent into great players who will carry the legacy of the club.

Colourful examples of this can be seen in some of United's all-time legends, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes.

Fergie outlined the characteristics of United players and how youth can be brought into the system. One of the key traits is 'loyalty" to the club, something carved into the stone at Old Trafford.

The team needs youngsters who will embrace the style that Manchester United for years have been known for.

Ferguson said, We could have bought players in the summer for a lot of money. But I didn't think they would have made a really big difference. They wouldn't have done what Cantona, Rooney, or Ronaldo did for us. They wouldn't have given us that quantum leap."

The growing example of modern day young talent is resembled in the likes of Rafael da Silva, Federico Macheda, Jonny Evans, and many others.

He continued by saying, "So I feel it is the right policy for Manchester United. Were good at producing our own young players, and were also good at developing young players. The three young players sitting here today are part of that.

Another of the traits that identifies a United player is his passion and desire to give 100 percent every time his called upon to represent the club. He must believe that no matter what the game situation is, the opportunity to come back is always there.

All of these qualities are part of the foundation of any United player, though some are embedded into their learning and upbringing at the club.

Ferguson also discussed the issue of overspending: In the last two or three years we have seen very wealthy owners become part of football clubs, and they go on this almost kamikaze effort to spend their money. Its amazing some of the amounts of money being bandied about in the present-day game.

You may think that it could be dangerous, but they have that money and they are using it. I dont see it as abating. I think its here for two or three years until such time as they understand you cant necessarily achieve everything you want to just by spending."

With much speculation regarding a possible swap for German star Mesut Ozil now put to rest since Madrid's agreement with Werde Bremen, it seems Sir Alex and his staff are comfortable with what they have at their disposal.

The depth on the squad was clearly evident in the Newcastle match, when there was more than enough quality both on the pitch and on the bench.